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I hope I have the correct German phrase its “Are You A Jew”.

Muhammad Ali Jr and his mother arrived in Florida from a trip to Jamaca. They are both US citizens and showed their passports. Ali Jr was detained. He was asked “Are you a Muslim” and “where did you get that name”. This was asked by US Customs. This was used in the 30s and 40s in Nazi Germany against Jewish people.

Why is our government collecting information like this? Government asking for a person’s religion has never ended up good in fact fatal in many cases for the ones being asked.


This is starting to rapidly remind me of Turtledove’s alternative America novel series where African Americans in the South were rounded up due to them being a danger then slaughtered in the millions since it was cheaper then holding them. I definately see this as the future of the undocumented under Trump and Muslim Americans if there is another attack. Yes there are similarities between Featherstone and Trump.

If you have not read Turtledove’s Alternate America series read it, yes its 11 books but worth it.

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