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1986 Whiz Kids Comics Was Such A Horrible Comic

Today at a Church Thrift Shop I bought for $2 20 old 1980s comics 0 in good condition. There were two called Whiz Kids. I have zero recall of these comics. Looking at the publication page and front cover they were “educational comics” made but Radio Shack and published by Archie Comics.

Oh dear god Shanna and Eric do not shut up about the Radio Shack computers. All I could think of is right now they are working on QVC or HSN selling products. They mostly were talking about Tandy 1000.

There was also talk by a detective about dangers of getting kidnapped. Zzzzzz.

A side story was about two kidnappers. They were caught by Shanna spotting the man then looking him up on the internet in which she used a phone with a coustic coupler. I have zero recall of this.


I had a laugh when she and Alex were talking about the benefits of the computer like looking up newspaper articles, information and weather. My god were we that naive about the internet. Did we dream of how it could be used to influence elections by foreign governments, how people would savage others behind fake names, how it would be filled with cat and ghost videos (all fake) and porn. No. We had no idea.

Shanna solved the case with the phone and the coustic coupler using a Tandy 1000. The detective though had to do the legwork.

Anyone recall this comic or Tandy computers. No idea how they were the earliest most innovative for its time yet could not keep up with IBM and Microsoft. Of course Apple came then were winners.


I have been amazed Apple lasted. Creating programs that worked on Apple Computers in the 90s was a headache especially c9nverting it from DOS. I avoided anything to do with Apple Computers same with other members of the department, the interns did a lot of the program converting we oversaw them.

I know people loved 90s Apple Computers oddly I never knew any. Still its amazing how quickly Tandy Computers died given their start.

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