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1st Annual 2014 GT/Jezebel 3DS Health Challenge who is with me??

I got the idea from Gamefaqs 3DS board and thought we could do better.

Here is the challenge. Its also free and a great way to utilize your 3DS for health. Thats by walking. As you all know 3DS when on calculate your steps as you walk and wifi on for streetpass to get pink puzzle pieces.

So the challenge is from 1/1/14 to 12/31/14

Bronze GT/Jezzie 1 Million Steps 300 Puzzle Pieces (Miiverse app on your 3DS its free)


Silver GT/Jezzie 1.5 Million Steps 350 Puzzle Pieces

Gold GT/Jezzie 2 Million Steps 400 Puzzle Pieces

Ultimate GT/Jezzie 3 Million Steps 500 Puzzle Pieces

Now this is healthy and I am sending this challenge to other forums. Lets try all of us to be ultimate healthy GT/Jezzies.

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