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2/11 Travel Poll: What do y'all think of these concepts?

So here are some concepts from Zodiac Aerospace.

1. A economy class cabin, with an upper level sleeping spaces (charged a fee)

2. Premium economy “couches” instead of seats:

3. Public Lounge (possibly in the lower deck)

4. Multi-person bedroom suites

5. A lounge, instead of being directly exposed to the main cabin, is physically separated to further quiet the cabin.

6. The ability to spearate different sections of the economy class cabin for different purposes and preferences.

7. A lounge or a deeply discounted seating area in the lower deck, for those who are travelling with little to no luggage.


8. Which, in the same concept, could be a completely sealed off family section:

9. Or it can be a place for extra seating, with luggage lockers and vending machines, (again for the no-frills traveller).


Which are the absolute worst? Which are the best?

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