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The NYT did a quick article on douchebag extraordinaire Charles C Johnson - it isn't complimentary thankfully. That face. SO punchable.

Also here's a lovely quote from another NYT article (interview with the CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings)

We use the phrase "wait for great" in hiring. When you have an open position, don't settle for someone who doesn't quite have the cultural match or skill set you want. It's better to wait for the right person.


Ugh this lady. Such bullshit. All I see is a lazy company. Waiting for someone who ticks every box is a great guarantee that your company will ossify. And as someone looking for a job, well, it's just a real motivator (eyeroll). Have you seen the fucking want ads? More than half the company CEO's could submit their resumes for the supposed entry level positions and wouldn't get a call back cause they don't have the right qualifications.

And finally while reading through an article about a California cat cafe there was a throwaway mention of both owl cafes and penguin bars in Japan. OWL CAFES and PENGUIN BARS (swoons). And Kotaku did an article on penguin bars last year. They've been holding out on us!

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