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2 Christmas Travel Poll Questions (Open Post)

Before I begin, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday season, and I hope you all are having a great time with your families.

Now on to the two questions:

For this first question, comes the idea of a supersonic transport. Many companies with advances in technology, have come up with ideas for a supersonic transport, carrying 320+ passengers, over a distance of 8500 miles. The designs are based heavily on the 1970’s Boeing 2707 concept, but would use more fuel efficient engines, and be quieter. This would cut down travel times significantly, making a trip from Los Angeles to Tokyo go from being an 11 hour flight, down to 5.5 hours. However, the tickets would be 1.5 to 2-3 times more expensive than a normal economy class ticket.


Would You Be Willing to Fly on a Supersonic Transport?

a. Yes, if the tickets aren’t too expensive, and significant amounts of time can be saved.

b. No, the costs and time saved isn’t worth it.

c. Maybe. Depends.


This second question comes from a Boeing patent, where in order to save space taken up by lie-flat seats, they’re arranged in a much more dense configuration. Many commenters have suggested that this could be great for people who just want to get sleep and stretch out, but can not afford to pay the business class premium, or don’t want the extra services involved. With this in mind:

Would You Be Willing to Pay a Little More for a Bed-Seat, if it Meant You’d Have Less Services, and Personal Space?

a. Yes

b. No

c. Maybe, depends.


Thanks for answering the questions! And feel free to add more to the conversation! I want to hear from you!

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