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2 Degrees from Drama is the Minimum Safe Distance from Drama

Mr. Nom has been getting quite the earful lately from a friend of his (we’ll call her “X”) about a mutual friend of theirs (we’ll call him “Y”) and the drama between those two said friends (X and Y).

Mr. Nom is in no way involved, just hearing from X about it.

And it. is. messy.

Basically, X has been supporting Y over the past year and has loaned him something like $100k.



X has apparently been paying for/supporting Y because Y is in the middle of a “divorce” and his ex “took all of his money” and blah, blah, bullshit. But he can’t declare bankruptcy b/c he could lose his clearance and then he will lose his job... or ability to get a job? And he has a female “roommate”.

I can’t go into all of the details but let’s just say that despite Mr. Nom and Y having known one another (through a mutual interest/activity) since they were in their TEENS, Mr. Nom barely knows anything about the guy beyond superficial details. In fact, my nickname for him is “Vague Y” b/c every conversation is full of evasive or generic responses and sometimes even outlandish tidbits that you can’t quite disprove.

It is my strong suspicion that Y is a pathological liar. I have *never* trusted him.


And here he is ruining Y’s life (and who knows how many others) with no remorse.

I just want to grab her by the shoulders and be like, “He’s never going to love you. He’s using you. Stop giving him money. And get a lawyer.”


This is why I need 2 degrees of separation from drama. I’m in too deep with my inner life-coaching fantasy over this.

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