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Welcome To The Bitchery

I don't really have anything of substance or value to add to them, per se, I just want to share them.

This article is a pretty great takedown of 6 ridiculous pieces of fitspiration, from personal trainer Kevin Moore:

Illustration for article titled 2 Fitness-related pieces that crossed my Facebook feed lately.

What They Think They’re Saying:

“Aren’t you tired of not being as pretty as you deserve? Well all it takes is perseverance to be everything you’ve ever wanted to be!”

Why It’s Bullshit:

First of all, speaking as the father of a little girl, fuck whoever made this.

This is an expertly lit, no doubt digitally enhanced image of a girl in her mid-twenties presented here as the definition of what a woman is allowed to be proud of; “until you are proud” seems to mean “until you have six pack abs, perky, squeezable breasts and the terrible burden of finding size 0 jeans with a 34 inch inseam”. If there were a male equivalent of this photo, it would have to be fucking Iron Man to really capture the shocking lack of realism. It’s the “don’t stop” part, however, that earns this photo its place on my shit list. The message here is that it’s excusable, nay, it is advisable that the ladies in the audience disregard whatever else they were doing, you know, like having some self-esteem, and do whatever it takes to be fuckable. If it was explicit that “don’t stop” meant “hire a professional lighting crew and a makeup artist and maybe a wizard” it would be one thing, but it’s not. “Don’t stop” just ends up meaning “nope, you’re not up to these heinously unrealistic standards yet; keep running, fatty!”


And then this is a piece of drawing advice over at IMGUR that is pretty awesome and observational about abdominal muscles and how they differ, and how if you bodybuild for the purpose of actually using your muscles, you won't look like a fatless Mr. Universe. I'd drop it directly onto the page, but it's pretty darn long, and would probably break Kinja.

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