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2 months in on antidepressants

I am doing great. I’m relaxed and coping well. I am enjoying life in a new way. Like I was living in black and white and someone turned on the color. The most interesting parts....I

NEVER remember my dreams (maybe 1-2 times per year) and now I remember them every night and they are weird as fuck (maybe nightmares or maybe dreams are just weird). Its’ strange and not great.

Also, my desire to work 5 times as hard as everyone else at work even if it means working on the weekend and 50-60+ hours per week is gone. That’s a good thing. It’s time to focus on life rather than being a workaholic.


I sometimes have to resist the urge to waste money on myself or be lazy. Sounds crazy, but that’s never been a struggle for me. I’ve spent my entire life in an extreme state of self denial that I only recognize now.

The strangest thing is food. When depressed I hated to eat and yet ate a ton of junk that I didn’t actually enjoy (weird). I’ve also been a picky eater since I was a kid so I’ve never really been much to cook or try new food. Suddenly, I’m into all kinds of food. I’m cooking. I’m trying new things. I’m really into grocery shopping. I’m totally unafraid to eat anything or at least to try. I’ve gone from eating frozen dinners and pizza to planning meals that include goat cheese stuffed dates, broiled apricots with ricotta cheese, and....even vegetables. It’s amazing. I have no idea how to find or buy some of these things in the grocery store after I find the recipes, but it turns out they actually have a book in the produce section that tells you how to select and buy stuff.

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