Hi everyone!

I am so super grateful to the people who have completed the Your Sacred Gifts course with me. I am still working with three people and two people have completed (If you are one of them, please raise your hand if you are comfortable to do so) - and I think a few have decided it was not right for them. Which is cool. (If this is you, and you are still with me, shoot me an email. I'm really flexible with time because I myself am a procrastinator and while I am working towards being more dependable and using good time management systems, I understand!)

But that means I can open up some space for a few more of you for free so that you help me get my certification and I help you realize what is already true about you: That you are awesome, that you are valuable, and that you have built-in gifts that are AWESOME and VALUABLE, and that there is a place in the world for you to use those gifts to serve others and in turn, be appreciated and respected and loved.

Last time I put this call out, I got more offers than I could handle, so I referred some of you to other people taking the certification at this time. So if I get more than four, I will offer to refer you to another person who can also coach you for free.

In the future, I might post on GT offering life coaching for an introductory low price, as well. If you all are okay with that. And thinking about offering something ongoing instead of the 4 week program that this is.

If you are interested, email me through my website, and I will send you the formal invitation. After you read the full invitation, and if it feels right (INCLUDING THE TIME COMMITMENT FOR HOMEWORK), you send me your mailing address and phone number, and I comp you the audio program. Then we have four calls spaced out over four weeks.

Here is where you go to request the free life coaching: http://artlovelight.com/contact/

I will try to respond to any questions through here as well. Thank you! *art, love, light*