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First one:
Context: I have to go on an interview tomorrow. It's a background check for a job (fingers crossed that I actually get it). On one of the forms I'm filling out, it asks for my email addresses. ALL OF THEM. This seems weird given that there is only one email address I actively use (my other ones are basically anonymous ones I use for online purchases, and to let various stores spam my inbox). I feel like there is no reason to ask for the other email address, given they will only be using my contact email. Should I give them the others? Do they even have the right to ask for the other ones?

Second one:
Also for the background check: I have to submit a sealed copy of my credit report from one to the big 3 credit reporting companies. Is there a such a thing as one of the companies tending to have higher scores than the others? And if so, which one should I choose to show at the interview? This question is actually a moot point, given that I just got my mail, and the credit reports come in nondescript envelopes, and I can't tell which one is which. =/


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