1) As you guys probably know or could guess, I've been feeling pretty crap about myself since I had the baby. I had a long and brutal recovery and even though I had no net weight gain in pregnancy, everything is in the wrong place. I had a massive PCOS flare up the year before getting pregnant and that is the weight that just hasn't budged. BUT in the last couple weeks, it's starting to move. I'm down a tiny bit more every day. My back is a bit better. I got some decent clothes that fit. I got a bathing suit and am hoping to go to baby & mum swim class soon. That's a big deal for me. This weekend I got my hair chopped for the first time in *months*. I look like a person! I overheard a table of cool, glam people talking about me. Normally this would make me really upset but. BUT. They were saying "wow, look at that lady. She looks great. Look at her eyes!" That hasn't happened in a LONG time. I'm really really feeling good.

2) I don't have tons of friends in London. Most of my friends are west of here, where I used to live. I've made a few mum friends and they're really nice! I'm leaving in 15 min for a meetup of mums in my area, like a normal person!

I hope this doesn't sound braggy or obnoxious. It's amazing to start to feel human again. <3