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$20 off $40 purchase makeup sale

at The Home Shopping Channel's website. It looks like they have Lorac, Too Faced, Hourglass, Benefit, Dermablend and NYX, among other brands. (NYX is a really good drugstore-price brand, so if you're like me and even half-price Too Faced etc. still feels pretty steep that might be something to look at). The wording is kind of ambiguous and it could be that you have to get one single item that's priced at $40 or more and multiple cheaper items totalling $40 or more don't count. Even if it is annoyingly that, a Lorac/Too Faced eyeshadow palette or a giant box collection of NYX stuff for twenty-something dollars would be nice. The code's 20NEWSPRING. You have to be a new customer to use it. It looks like it lasts until the end of June, but that sounds odd, I'm not sure if that's right.

ETA: Oh, yeah, they sell other stuff too – shoes, cooking stuff, electronics, various things. I wouldn't normally make a GT post about a Shopping Channel sale but this one covers makeup brands that I know GTers like.


ETA2: If you have an opinion about whether I should get Too Faced's Chocolate Bar palette or this giant set from NYX, let me know.

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