Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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20 Questions(ish)

Dearest GT,

How are you? I have QUESTIONS. (Warning: the last has to do with weight loss, although I’ve refrained from actual numbers or talks about diet except in the vaguest of terms.)

I have the summer off! What are you watching? (I have Hulu, HBO Now, and Netflix. I do not have regular cable or Amazon Prime.) What should I watch? I have just finished the newest season of Lucifer (corny), I am already watching Gentleman Jack, and my tastes are all over the map.

I have the summer off! What are you reading? (I do not have an Audible or e-Book subscription. Older titles available through the public library are much appreciated.) Previous summers have included all of the Philippa Gregory Queens series and a lot of historical fiction.

I have the summer off! What the hell do people DO for fun? I’m looking for inexpensive and low-stress hobbies for people with mildly obsessive and/or perfectionist tendencies. (Local crafts stores do not offer classes and there are no local cooking classes. I checked. If there is a book club, I have been unable to find it.) I’ve done some light improvements to the yard. There’s nothing in the house I really want to repaint. My sewing machine literally belonged to my grandmother when she was a teenager and the internet cannot seem to teach me how to use it.

The Annual Flute Thing is in Salt Lake City this year. I have never been. I’m ... not actually participating this year, so school doesn’t want to pay for it. I was going to not-go on principal, but now I feel guilty. Should I go? Would you go? Is Salt Lake worth seeing on my own dime?

I need to make some ... videos ... of myself for professional stuff. I am awkward on a good day. How do I ... make myself look better on tape? Lighting tricks? Makeup hacks for people who only vaguely wear makeup? Ways to make it less awkward (because the internet is for f*cking ever, I guess?)

Last: How do you make yourself do things you need to do, and which would provide results you want, but that you do not necessarily want to do? (I’m exercising a LOT more than I’ve been able to in recent years, and am a lot stronger, but my diet is going to have to improve markedly in order to actually see those results in the ways I’d like. I know what to do and I know how to do it, but I’m really struggling with the motivation to put those steps into action even.)


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