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200 Girls Missing in Nigeria

Hardly anything on the news about it. This is a mass kidnapping but silence from American media.

The abduction is considered a terrorist attack executed by the group Boko Haram, a organization responsible for over 3,000 deaths already this year. They are a sexist, horid terrorist group, who have previously kidnapped girls to be sex slaves. The strife of many African nations has largely been ignored, giving way to groups like Boko Haram to rise.

As many as 234 girls are missing in this recent attack.

EDIT: I appreciate some of the comments nothing that they've seen coverage on American news outlets. I really do. I am aware this story has been mentioned in the media. I cited a USA Today article in the post for christ sakes people. But has it really been covered with the same (or even a portion of) zeal as the missing Malaysian Airlines plane or the ferry? This story is a footnote for a lot of leading outlets in the US, such as CNN. Honestly, it's derailing and I'm just getting offended. I had a better way of articulating this but I'm just pissed off right now.


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