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This will be the year that we'll all remember as the year everyone was singing that one song from that one kids movie, and I think you know the one I mean:

That's right, 2014 was a year in which a lot of movies and things came out, I assume. But I'm old and tired, and I've got my hands full with the kids and my college teaching and whatnot. So here's my lists,



1. The Lego Movie

It's impossible to overstate how stupid this idea sounded like. I mean, come on: ten years ago, if someone said "Hey, lets make a movie based on Legos!" I would have laughed heartily while stoned. But I don't have money for dope anymore, and frankly if someone said "Tetris Movie" I wouldn't know if they were joking or not.

Anyway, this movie was so much better than it deserved to be. It's a great critique of both the "legendary hero" trope and the superficiality of pop culture. And I think the double-decker couch is an awesome idea.

2. Catching Fire

That came out this year, right? Anyway, it sucked less than I thought it would. I still think they cast Finnick way too young, but Joanna Mason was perfectly cast.


3. Guardians of the Galaxy

Which was great, what with the Star Guy and Missile Marmot and Empress Kamora and... okay, I was totally going to go see it, but some stuff came up and... well, the trailer was cool.


4. Cabin in the Woods

Okay, I had a pretty good idea what was going on in this film, but it still managed to blow my freaking mi.... wait, it didn't come out this year? 2012? Seriously?



Um... There was that "Anaconda" song, right? That was pretty much "Baby Got Back" but with different asses?



Well, I'm reading Dr. Sleep by Stephen King, and it's pretty good, although Stephen King is getting pretty heavy handed with the pop culture references.

"What did you think of that latest Judith Picoult novel," asked the man who looked like the guy from Sons of Anarchy to the girl who was thinking about Danaerys Targaryen.


Isn't really a line from the book. Wait, that one came out in 2013, didn't it?

So, you who paid attention to all of this crap and wants to add to the list?

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