Husband got into car accident on Friday (he's okay, truck is drivable). Accident was not his fault. Truck already had exhaust problem. Dog's eye started weeping for no particular reason. Today, futon frame BROKE which at least made some metal man truck very happy. Oh, and husband needs $40 for gas and I'm thisclose to being able to make it to 15th without taking an advance. Oh, and haven't paid power bill since... November? Haven't received notices or whatever but it irks me whenever I see the bill.

We haven't been to Costco since December which means I have no paper towels. Fine. I don't like using the washer/dryer in the basement because of the mold problem so I washed some clothes at babysitee's place and did a grape stomping imitation with some laundry while I took a shower the other day. Hey, it worked and didn't cost me quarters. Though Husband grew quiet over the phone when I told him and kinda side eyed the drying clothes still hanging up in the bathroom.

After the $100 I had saved to go towards fixing the truck went vaguely towards "other things" last month, I've decided to start saving a bit of my babysitting money for a new laptop (I type as the fan in this one makes 3 different loud unpleasant noises). I don't want to go into that money nor the money (that I can't find) my mother gave me for Christmas. Plus, extra traveling drained half of our savings after I had FINALLY gotten it to the high two hundreds.

Husband said tax refund can go toward making right some of the savings situation but as soon as the futon broke he said we could also get a new frame for that with it. NO. NONE OF THE TAX RETURN WILL GO TOWARD CURRENT NEEDS. ALL OF IT WILL GO TOWARDS FUTURE OR EMERGENCY NEEDS. NO NO NO NO NO.

I'm trying to be inspired by the death of my great uncle (and the wonderful frugal minds of GT) and really USE and go THROUGH my kitchen supplies and not be lazy or indulgent.


A couple of good things happened this week which made me feel pretty positive about how the short term is going for me. These money issues don't eliminate those more positive notes bu make it


AND I thought I lost this whole post when my computer died (power-wise) so I'll just end with saying I'm NOW mostly drunk and am going to watch Sherlock while alone and laying on the ex-futon mattress which is draped awkwardly over our bed. And I now want CHOCOLATE MOUSSE PIE SO BADLY I MIGHt NOT BE ABLE to STAND IT!!!!!