I'm going to focus on the idea that 2015 is the year I get my stuff together.

Yesterday, I came to terms with my grandmothers death, and realized that life needs to be lived to the max. Here are my resolutions:

  1. Get my finances in order and get a job.
  2. Cut back on drinking, significantly. I can't do this on my own, but my best friend is going to be my 'coach'.
  3. Get out more. Be with friends more. Make new friends. Find a new place in a new neighborhood.
  4. Get more proactive about graduate school and my future.
  5. Health and fitness: Something I'm good with, but want to be better with. Try more types of dance.

I'm trying to put together an organized binder with sections for keeping track of the finance thing, but need four more categories to focus on. Maybe one for grad school? Moving? I'm not sure. I want it to be practical. Ideas welcome!

I'm thinking about going to the beach today too. Not totally sure. I need to clean and organize and stuff.


Here's to 2015! Love you all!