Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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2019 Accomplishments Post

GT, brag about something you’re proud of from 2019. Scope doesn’t matter, just something you’re proud of accomplishing.

I started seeing a personal trainer this year because I fucking hated strength training but I know it’s beneficial, and yesterday I pushed 175 lbs on the sled, so that was really fucking cool!


I had to learn how to cook on a gas stove in the new house and that was quite the adjustment from the janky electric stoves I’ve always used. I have friends with nice electric stoves, and they work great. My old stove... when I wanted to saute onions I would turn on the stove and then start chopping my onion because it took that long for the burner to heat up. Hard boiling eggs? Over 20 mins to get a boil going. Compared to the fucking instant heat I have now - quite the adjustment! Also the oven heats up so much faster than my old one!!!

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