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2019 begins with a new food allergy I think?

So this story begins with brightersideoflife being a little oblivious thanks to vodka.

Last night I was laying in bed, super uncomfortable. First I was so overheated I thought I must have left the heater on too high (it’s a baseboard heater near my bed). Nope, wasn’t even on at all. Downstairs was like 70 degrees, and warmer than my bedroom. Okay, maybe I was coming down with a virus or something. So changed to summer pjs, still warm but better. But then I realized my heart was racing. Like 90ish beats a minute, when I’d been laying down for almost an hour at that point. That’s weird, right?

Then I fell asleep. This morning I woke up to swollen and itchy skin around my eyes and a rash around my mouth. (Why yes, I do look beautiful to start 2019.) So, dumbass me was probably having a food allergy reaction.


Did I eat a ton of random shit last night? YES. I was thinking I had little weenies wrapped in bacon, and not only do I not eat meat typically, I hadn’t had pork in at least 8 months. So maybe it was something in the pork? Right? I also had some chopped apples, some cheese dip, some meatballs, and some cookies.

About 2 hours ago I tucked in to the leftover goat cheese dip I made. And about 1 hour ago I was sitting here thinking about how itchy my face was and how my heart was racing again. I took a Benadryl and the racing heart stopped within a few minutes. Itching is a little better, too.


It can’t be dairy, right? I don’t typically eat much dairy, either, and usually hard cheeses when I do eat dairy. I ate the dip on almond nut-thin crackers, but I didn’t eat any nuts last night. Also I routinely snack on mixed nuts with no issues.


Can you just develop a dairy allergy as an adult? Is that a thing your body can do?

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