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2019 Resolutions Post

Hey GT! Let’s talk resolutions for the new year. Small, large, seemingly random, etc etc.

Here are mine.

1. I’m going to waste less food. I’ve gotten better at it than I used to be, but damn if I don’t get pissed off when I have to throw away leftovers. I just cleaned out my pantry in advance of moving in a few weeks, and yeah I need to be better about focusing on buying goods I already know I’ll eat, too.


2. My poor savings account is very small now that I’ve transferred funds for the down payment on my house. I don’t yet know what is a feasible amount to expect to shove back in there (I know I’ll incur more moving expenses, etc), but every month I got to put some money away and build that back up some.

3. I’ve been cleaning and purging in advance of moving, and I am excited about having less stuff. 2019 goal is to not buy random shit because I think I want it because we all know in a year or two I’ll be like “why did I get these cups/bowls, etc/etc? I need to drop it off at Goodwill.”

4. I ate my way through 2018 and now I am up about 15 lbs. My clothes still fit, albeit not as well as I’d like, since I was almost on the edge of dropping a size 15 lbs ago. I need to drop some weight because I want my clothes to fit better, my summer clothes especially.

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