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Hi GT! I wanted to do a post about this, mostly as an exercise in tracking my progress, but thought perhaps some of you guys might be interested in a honest review of this product. I’ll update throughout the 21 days to let you know how things go.

Up front I want to say that I’m a terrible eater. I would live entirely on Lays if that was a realistic option (I’m pretty sure Lays lack key nutrients for, you know, living and stuff). So I’ve decided to give this 21 Day Fix thing a try. It was recommended to me by an instructor at the barre studio I go to, who is both a lovely person and well-qualified to give advice on fitness/nutrition topics. She said that she’s used this program/parts of this program herself and found it effective and easy (I’m particularly interested in that easy thing). I was skeptical at first, since you can buy the 21 Day Fix via infomercial (not usually a sign of a quality product...), but I’ve decided to give it a shot.

Ok, the 21 Day Fix lasts just 3 weeks (hence the name), the idea being that three weeks is long enough to form good new habits. It is marketed by the same company that does P90X, and has both a workout portion and a nutrition portion. I already work out five/six days a week, and so I’m less worried about the exercise than the food, although I’m going to try and stick with the workouts in addition to my current schedule and see how it goes.


The workouts are on DVD and are only a half hour so they’re easy to fit in. They also provide modified versions of all the moves so that if you’re struggling you can work at an easier level. I’ve done them in the morning yesterday and today (since this is day 2). The first day was “Total Body Cardio”, which was honestly pretty tough, but today was upper body which was a lot easier (I think I need heavier weights). You do a different workout every day for a week and then cycle back to the beginning. The last week of the program you’re supposed to do two of them a day instead of one, but as I say, I’m going to see how things go incorporating this with my existing workouts. When I update next I’ll let you guys know how the rest of them are.

Now, the food guidance is what I’m really interested in. The program is based on portion control and balancing your “macros”. You get this cute set of color-coded tubs, which represent a portion of each food group (veggies, fruit, protein, carbs, healthy fats and dressings/seeds). There are also some things that are measured in teaspoons, like honey and PB. Based on your current weight you fall into a caloric range that is designed to help you lose weight (which I’m casually interested), and are assigned a certain number of each tub per day. For example, I’m in the 1200-1499 calorie range, and so I get 3 veggie tubs, 2 fruit tubs, 4 protein tubs, 2 carb tubs, one dressings tub and 2 teaspoons per day. Basically, if it fits in the appropriate tub, you can eat it. There is even a system for trading a carb tub for a treat (wine! dessert!) a few times a week if that floats your boat.

I was concerned that I would be hungry on this plan, and thus less likely to stick with it, but I haven’t been so far which is encouraging. I’m also eating a lot more veggies and fruits than I normally would, which at least makes me feel like I’m doing some healthy adulting. I will say that this does require some planning. I spent some time at the weekend deciding what I was going to eat this week and then doing my shopping. I think it would be tough to just wing it, but maybe it gets easier over time. Also, I’m worried about the weekend, when I spend a lot of time with friends and the bf. I think the eating and drinking that go along with my social life will be challenging.

Wow, this is getting really long... Sorry guys! I’ll wrap up by giving you some current stats. I’m 5’4’’ and 133 pounds. My scale also tells me that my body fat is 23.5%, but I like to keep in mind that since this is taken by a bathroom scale that I bought at Target for $20, it’s probably not super accurate.


TL:DR - I’m trying to clean up my diet on the 21 Day Fix! So far, workouts ok, food ok but I haven’t hit the weekend yet which is clearly where my disipline lacks. I’ll update on my progress.

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