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As promised last week, here is my update re: first week of the 21 Day Fix. I will try to keep it shorter than last time, but no promises.

Meals: Not bad. I historically am always hungry on diets (and thus am bad at sticking with them) so I’ve been relieved this week to find that not only am I getting enough to eat on this plan, but often the number of “tubs” I’m allowed is actually more food than I want. The program suggests that you try and eat all of the food you’re allowed each day under the plan, in order to assure that you’re getting proper nutrition (and not skipping all of your veggies), but it really has seemed like a lot some days so I’ve skipped a tub or two. I did cheat twice over the weekend, but they were pretty small cheats, so I’m considering it a wash. I planned my meals last week in crazy detail. However, this week I’m feeling more confident so I thought about it a bit this weekend and did my grocery shopping for the week, but didn’t make a spreadsheet. I will let you know next week how this pans out.


Workouts: I’ve been keeping up with the workouts well on top of my usual barre classes. I do barre five days a week and the 21 Day Fix plan is a half hour every day on DVD, so it is a bit time consuming (not to mention the extra showers and laundry!). The workouts go like this, ordered from hardest to easiest. The workouts are generally structured as 3-4 “rounds” with 2-4 exercises per round (although sometimes she sneaks “bonus” exercises in at the end...).

Plyo fix - this was a “bonus” workout I got with my package, and it’s basically a half hour of jumping, with a few burpees thrown in in case you weren’t having enough fun.

Cardio fix - this is the other one with the burpees. It’s hard enough that it made me swear at the instructor, even though she is on a DVD and can’t hear me cursing her name.

Total Body Cardio - perhaps you’re noticing a trend, that I’m terrible at cardio? I’m putting this one below these other two because no burpees.


Dirty Thirty - resistance training for the whole body. You’ll need some hand weights or resistance bands of appropriate weight/resistance to make this challenging. I have hand weights, and based on the modifications for the band on the DVD, this is probably the easier option to deal with logistically.

Upper body fix - enough upper body to give me spaghetti arms (that’s a technical term). Be sure to have appropriate hand weights for this or it will be way too easy.


Lower body fix - same as upper, but with my legs, which are stronger than my arms. Again, appropriate weights are key.

Pilates fix - some pretty basic pilates. It’s not a bad workout, but I’ve done a lot of barre/pilates/yoga over the years so I didn’t find it very challenging. This, and the yoga, are supposed to be your “active rest days”.


Yoga fix - more stretching than strength. Has comically soothing nature sounds on the DVD.

Bonus! There is a 10-minute ab section on the DVDs. As the name implies, it’s 10 minutes of ab work. It’s pretty fast paced to be honest, so be prepared!


Results: So first, I’ve struggled for years with acid reflux. I’ve tried all the meds, taking certain foods out of my diet, improving my posture, wearing looser clothes, etc. I’ve even had an endoscopy to see if there is some physical cause for this. This past week I have had NO acid reflux. If this is all I get out of this program, it’s 100% worth every penny. Now for the TMI, poop has been a little hard to come by this week. However, I haven’t been uncomfortable, and things did get a little better towards the end of the week... so just adjusting I guess? As for numbers, I’m down 1.8 lbs as of this morning, which honestly isn’t as much as I expected considering the work I’ve put in. But, it’s not nothing, so we’ll see how this week goes.

TL:DR - Meals are good, sometimes too big. Workouts are doable, but tough. I’m down about 2lbs this week.

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