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Really really interesting survey and article (and infuriating as well):

“Seventy-one percent said that politicians treat women’s health care as a political issue. Only 25 percent said politicians make men’s health care political. And if the case were reversed, and men were the ones who got pregnant, 75 percent thought that Congress would want to keep the birth control benefit instead of musing about repealing it.

In reality, though, birth control access is more than a political issue: It can have far-reaching implications for women, which a majority of voters in the survey recognized. A majority said that affordable birth control access is an issue of gender equality and economic well-being — for women, their families, and their communities.


Recognition of this intersectionality cut across demographics, though there were some differences: Women, overall, were more likely to see connections than men, and black and Latino voters were more likely to recognize economic effects than white voters. Still, the results held for a majority of each demographic group.

***Men, however, didn’t respond that they had benefit from a woman in their life having access to birth control. While 54 percent of men said they believed women being able to access birth control had an effect on their happiness, only 37 percent believed they had personally benefited from women on birth control.***”

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