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$29 for 3 people? (UPDATE)

In today's Dirt Bag, Gwynneth does the SNAP challenge, whereby you feed 3 people on $29 of SNAP assistance for one week. You can use coupons, but no existing food in your house or donations. Her groceries are a bit rage inducing; one ear of corn & one tomato? 6 limes & cilantro? Honestly, how is she going to feed herself & two kids for a week on that?

So, I took my weekly flyer and sat down. My list assumes my imaginary children go to public school in NYC, so are eligible for free lunch, THANK GAWD!!! My list is for seven dinners & breakfasts, providing that I don't eat breakfast myself. We'll have to wing it for lunch on Saturday & Sunday. Not sure how I would do lunch for them without free lunch at school. And what about in the summer? School vacations?


My list contains no beverages, no toilet paper or soap or dental care (are these items even allowed on SNAP?). I also splurge on a half gallon of ice-cream because I don't want to be a dick~mother and deprive my imaginary children of one simple pleasure in their lives.

GT, what would you all do?

UPDATE: I should have done more checking. I apologize. This in the FoodBankNYCChallenge. it is based on ONE PERSON. Still hard to do and Gwynneth's lime choice is good after all, just maybe not 7 of them http://www.foodbanknyc.org/how-you-can-he…

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