So, yeah, I'm totally rusty about how this whole dating thing goes for adults.

And I felt kinda awkward about him getting the tab on all our stuff last Saturday. I also didn't want him thinking he has to plan everything.

So I casually mentioned that I was thinking of making a nice dinner and wanted to know if he would want to come over for it this weekend. And now that's the plan.

Is that weird? Too soon to do a home-cooked* meal? I also have some nasty food sensitivities, and this way I can make sure not to have any pain/diarrhea the rest of the night. I haven't mentioned them to him yet, because, "hey, so like, this might give me intestinal pain and the liqui-shits" is not exactly attractive. I figure that's more of a thing to mention after a few weeks of dating.

*thanks to those food sensitivities, I can't cut any corners