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3 a.m. thoughts on Sex and the City: the movie

It’s 3 a.m. I’ve been watching a ridiculous amount of movies, and the SATC movie is on. Why is Charlotte’s kid in every f’in scene? Why is Charlotte reduced to a shrieking idiot? I know the movie is old, but I need to discuss with you all.

There are many things I love about the series. I love when the girls are stripped down in the series - Samanth a having a fling with Richard because she can’t handle what she has with Smith. Carrie slamming the vase of pink carnations. Charlotte sad and frustrated after her miscarriage.

But this movie - I do love the fashion montage because I’m cheezy. But the tv version strips out that moment when Carrie looks in the mirror in Mexico , face all swollen and raw.. And I love the New Year’s scene with Miranda and Carrie.


OK, I think I just really hate Charlotte and her kid. I really hate the kid.

It’s been a super blue week. Everyone else is out and about with family. I’ve been feeding myself with movies - many of which I just couldn’t get through - the Bolshoi movie, Beyond the Candleabra. I did unexpectedly enjoy the Lego Movie (everything is awesome!)

OMG I’ve got round the bend. And WHY aren’t the first four seasons of the Great British Baking Show on anywhere. WHERE ARE THEY?

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