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3 Degrees Of The Good Doctor

Y'all. Y'all. This is about The Good Doctor. Not the Time Lord. I'm talking Doctor R. Duke-Inventor of Gonzo and all around Freak. It's super lame, but I'll take it.

So, my mom and dad met up with my dads ex-girlfriend (who is totally cool and loves me, and it's not weird that our families are super close) and her super dope husband. Both are the sweetest people in the world.


Essentially, the husband was sitting in a bar once (this is how all good stories start), and there was this homeless looking dude in the corner. The dude was talking to himself and looked like a total weirdo. Yeah.

So weirdo leaves, and the bartender comes up to the husband, and says:

"Hope Doctor Thompson wasn't bothering you too much."

My mom was telling me the story, but before she got to "Do you know who the guy was?", I started screaming "IT WAS HUNTER S. THOMPSON. IT WAS HUNTER! HUNTER! OH MY GOD!"


And indeed, it was.

So, that's my three degrees of Hunter S. Thompson. It counts, right?

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