Look, I get it. You want to improve the product. That's great! Everything can always be improved, unless your name is George Lucas, in which case please find another hobby.

But the general consensus here seems to be that the "new, improved" version is less good. Or even bad, depending on who's talking.

I'm no longer seeing replies truncated and shoved into half-column width boxes, so that's...good? I hope that went away. That was genuinely terrible and pointless. Any "new version" that requires double the amount of clicking to see the same amount of stuff is, by definition, LESS GOOD.

Anyway. Here are three things that would make the NuKinja experience VERY much improved, and would (seeming) be very easy to code :


1) I assume this is one "thread" or conversation. There is a light grey line separating replies, and a very very very slightly less light grey line separating the whole from other threads/conversations. The LOGICAL thing to do would be INDENT THE REPLIES, DUH. If you can't do that, put the original comments on a tinted (lt blue, lt grey) background and the replies on white. That makes it much easier to see the "start" of each thread and how long each one runs. If you can't do that, then separate the convos with like a 3-point BLACK line. Make the transitions OBVIOUS. It's bad enough that replies-to-replies aren't nested - don't make it even harder to figure out who's talking to whom and when.

2) WTF is this? I'll assume the empty ones are images that due to formatting issues won't display in the half-column space. "Other groups"? Redundant, confusing, and in gif-heavy threads (which is basically all of them), a waste of space. Now, if you had some kind of magical comment-parsing algorithm that populated this area with related conversations from OTHER posts/articles, then that might be reasonable. But the half-column thing is...no.


3) View all # replies button - PUT. THIS. AT. THE. TOP. OF. THE COMMENTS.

4) Not shown : On the main GT page, posts are now listed as PostTitleHere : CollierLA and 14 others. No. I have not collaborated with 13 other people to write this post. And that's inaccurate anyway, because it implies that 14 people are taking part in the conversation - it might be 14 COMMENTS from only 2 or 3 people. JUST PUT IT BACK LIKE IT WAS, WITH NUMBER OF TOTAL COMMENTS NEXT TO THE STAR, OMG.


Why yes, I *am* a loud complainer. But at least I'm trying to be constructive and make suggestions instead of just bitching, right? I recognize that I'm small potatoes here, I have no interest in writing in-depth articles for Jez/Gawker to mainpage, and I haven't even been around all that long. But judging from the other comments, I know I'm not the only one who, when faced with an irritating, off-putting layout or comment system, will simply jump ship and go elsewhere. I mean... this certainly isn't the only game in town.