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Welcome To The Bitchery
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3 Good Things, Saturday edition

Hiya all, i’m putting this up a little earlier than usual today, because I work tonight, and don’t wanna be late with it.

I know it’s been a rough week for some folks (I hear ya!! i’ve had a few of those rough days, too!), so I just REALLY want to be intentional about saying THANK YOU ALL!!! To everyone who has been participating, no matter how that is!


Reading how folks have done—on the great days has been AWESOME (and i’m SO happy for you guys!!😆) And for the folks who have had tough days, too, that you guys have also found things to share and celebrate, AND THAT YOU MADE IT THROUGH that hard day—That COUNTS, and YOU MATTER, and THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for being brave, and posting, and reading.

AND for cheering each other on, because personally, i’ve been seeing some just plain ‘ol meanness & harsh bitter things happening in certain areas of my real-world life lately, and YOU guys (ALL OF YOU!😘) are helping me through, just by being your AWESOME selves, and giving me that literal reminder in my pocket* that there ARE good people out there, no matter what (or who!) I may face at the moment.


(*I almost always have a GT window up in my phone, so i can see what’s goin’ on, after I get done with work/on my break/etc😉)

And i’m gonna post my #1 and #2 right here this time:

#1. That I found this place a while ago, and that there are SO many good folks here, who reach out, and cheer each other on, and—even when we have the occasional troll-y jerk—whow reach out to rally around the folks who need it, and support them. Having been in need of that support before, that can help, SO much, so Thanks guys!


And #2. That the movie Loving is FINALLY coming out soon. New Roommie somehow got a subscription to People magazine, and they had a write-up....I just wish the release date had been BEFORE the election, not after.


Because I think there are plenty of folks who could benefit from the history lesson, and reminder of how unjust our society really CAN be sometimes.

I feel like it would’ve given folks the reminder that this election truly IS important and historic. And that—as the events ALL over the place that groups like Black Lives Matter, and the Standing Rock protesters point out—those sorts of things are STILL not fixed, we have SO much work left to do, and we have to stand together, and CARE about one another, or we are ALL hurt, because we are all in this precarious world together.

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