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Hello land of groupthink! It has been a whirlwind 3 months! It’s actually been that long since I’ve logged in here! Crazy!

I was thinking of the days of yore of Jez and groupthink when it was the SNS leftover page and people would hide out there before there was a dedicated space. I was remembering Hortense and banhammer and disenvoweling and Jenna the model and the silly DIYs and Dodai and the commenters of the past. Do they still lurk? Is the Basement still a thing? Remember STFU Jez? Gah, memories of online communities!

Did I miss all the best drama llamas and lentil revolts and all that jazz? I used to love logging in and lurking and being like damn! I missed it all!


In related headline news, love love love the new job! I kind of almost forget what that toxic work environment that I left was like. (Almost). My new coworkers are amazing and lovely and so damn smart. I couldn’t have asked for a better boss. Of course, its not all roses and sunshine and bees knees but the little gripes just feel so silly and not all that bad. I’m so glad I made the big move. It feels so wonderful!

Speaking of the big move, the BF and I also moved in together. Things are going great! We actually hang out with people a lot more, go out and have drinks and social lives! ha! What a change. Also, cooking so damn much! We love cooking!

Now to get back to working out and losing some weight so I can fit into my clothes again... :)

Enough about me! What about you?! Any fun plans for the weekend? How’s life been treating you? Did my braggy post just make you want to punch me in the face?

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