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30 Days of Self Care: Day 1/Week 1

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Hello, friends! Welcome to the official kickoff post for 30 Days of Self Care! I am posting this late as opposed to early because I wanted to give everyone a chance to either act or reflect on their first day before diving into discussion. I will move posts to earlier in the day for the following weeks, but I know that sometimes day one can be the hardest to ease into, so I offer a little slack.


How has the day been for you? Have you decided how you will be caring for yourself for the next month? If you are joining me in 30 Days of Yoga, how was your practice today? Feel free to share your reflections on starting, and any joy or struggle you have gotten out of this day. If you would like to keep your self-care personal, that is totally alright. If you would like to share what is making today easier for you, please do! I will be sharing my own reflection on today in the comments.

For this week, I will leave you with this video on the scientific benefits of meditation from the guys at ASAPScience:

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