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30 days of self-care: midweek spampost #2

How are you doing sweet GT friends? Have you been participating in your 30 days of self-care? Has it been hard? Easy? Refreshing? Confusing? Loving? Disappointing? Share your progress with me if you want :)

I’m doing the yoga challenge but due to being busy had to skip on friday. Then on sunday due to hangover/busy, then on monday due to being DEAD. (busy weekend, what can I say)


But there was no self negativity here, because who cares if I do all the 30 yoga days in a row? The world won’t come to an end and so long as I’m loving to me, I’ll be fine right? So yesterday I picked it up again with day #6 (abs!) and followed it up by #7 (full body). This was, as they say, a mistake. I’m so sore you guys. But then today.. was all about calmth and stretching! I was pretty exhausted today but decided to try it anyway and I’m so glad I did. I feel much better now :)

Has anyone done yoga day #9 yet? Is it scary? I’m scared of it. I might want to tackle it in the morning since I’m going for drinks after work with an old acquaintance (who I might have dated once or twice about 8 years ago and ran into on okcupid of all places) and might not make it in the evening (because I’ll be drunk). So even though waking up earlier makes me part of the army of the living dead, I might try it anyway. Any tips/insight?

So tell me, what have you been doing? Yoga or simply taking the time to watch your breathing? Working on your food intake or trying to calm anxiety? Share! (only if you want to, obviously)

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