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30 Days of Self Care: Week 2

(Evening Bump)

Hello, friends! we have made it through week 1 of 30 Days of Self Care! How did you find your first week to be? Did you find the time to take good care of yourself? Was your focus on self care useful, or did you find yourself stray for a bit? Were the practices you wanted for yourself attainable? Maybe week 2 is an adjustment week, and you need this time to modify what self care means to you. Either way, I hope that even the mindfulness of keeping yourself on the list of things to care about was beneficial.


For my 30 Days of Yoga friends, how is the practice going? Which days have you found to be the most beneficial and which days were your biggest challenges? Do your yoga challenges guide you further into your practice and make you want to keep going, or does it guide you away and give you insight on what might not be your thing? Has it opened you up to thinking about other options for physical movement?

Feel free to share your reflections and any joy or struggle you have gotten out of this week. If you would like to keep your self care personal, that is totally alright. If you would like to share what is making the month easier for you, please do! I will be sharing my own reflection on today in the comments.

For this week, I will leave you with Thich Nhat Hanh’s 10 Mindful Movements. If you have the time, practice this sometime this week and remember to slow down and stay mindful throughout the day.

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