Happy halfway point of 30 Days of Self Care, everyone! How has it been going so far? When you reflect on the last couple of weeks, does that make you look forward to the next two or are you dreading it? How have the last two weeks of self care changed you, or has it changed you at all? What do you find is working best for you, or what have you tried and had to switch up?

For my 30 Days of Yoga self carers, how is your practice going? There have been a lot of new challenges in the videos. Are there any poses that you have discovered a great love for and others you never hope to see again? Adriene seems to be very aware of when to put in a restorative practice to balance out the full body challenges. Do you welcome the restorative practice or are you ready to jump back into the deeper challenges?


Feel free to share your reflections and any joy or struggle you have gotten out of this week. If you would like to keep your self care personal, that is totally alright. If you would like to share what is making the month easier for you, please do! I will be sharing my own reflection on today in the comments.

This week, being our halfway point, I will leave you with a little bit of self care in the form of rocking out wherever you are. If you’re in your car or alone in a room, crank it up and sing along! If not, sing along in your heart.