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30 Days of Self Care: Week 4

Happy week 4 of Self Care everybody! This is the last full week for self care reflection, so next week I will be throwing things off a little bit by posting on Tuesday instead of Monday to wrap things up. How has this week been for you? I know it’s getting deep into the month now, and even something as nourishing as self care can start to feel like a chore after a while. But maybe it has made the switch for you and become habit? Either way, I am very proud of you for putting yourself on the priority list, even if it isn’t on your tippy top.

Yoga buddies, how are you doing in particular? A lot of the videos this week have been rejuvenating practice, so I am ready to gear up for the last full week of challenges. As the temperature goes up outside, how do you find it affecting your practice? Will you keep going with yoga after this, or are you ready for a new workout or meditation method?


Feel free to share your reflections and any joy or struggle you have gotten out of this week. If you would like to keep your self care personal, that is totally alright. If you would like to share what is making the month easier for you, please do! I will be sharing my own reflection on today in the comments.

This week, I leave you with a video on one of the easiest ways we can treat ourselves. Self massage can ease up some of that built up tension throughout the day, get blood circulating where you may need it most, and you don’t need assistance or money to do it. Take some time to be kind to yourself and give yourself a little neck rub when you can.

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