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30 days of yoga?

Not sure if it’s a faux pas to do a post about this since it was not my suggestion to do it, but oh well! I have thoughts! And sore muscles!

I started it one day early so that I would have a day of wiggle room and still be able to finish it on June 30, so I’m on Day 5. Overall, I’m really enjoying it — it’s bite-sized enough that I’ve supplemented it every day with another short video (poses for opening shoulders or hips complement it well). I know it’s only been a week, but I like the every day aspect of this — I feel like when I say I’m going to do something every other day or whatever I slack off. Feeling like I can stick with this through June has made me want to push myself in other ways — tackling my “real adult” (vs YA — I teach middle school English) reading list and drinking more water are next on my agenda.

My body feels uncomfortable in some unexpected ways, however. I’m not so much sore — like, good, muscle-hurty sore — as achey and stiff, especially when I go to bed. That’s gross. I also think the minor ab component is doing weird things to my core. I’ve felt a lot of free-floating anxiety in the last five days that is not located in my brain at all — it’s a physical kind of anxiety like I get when you drink too much coffee. I feel like my abdominal muscles are somehow making me nervous! Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I’m hoping it will just go away because that is NOT a side effect of yoga that I want.


How’s everyone else’s 30 days of... doing?

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