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30 Days Self-care

I haven’t seen a new update from Edie so I’m going to go ahead and ask! What day are you on? What are you doing? And how do you feel like you’re doing? Share it with me and each other! :)

I’m doing the 30 day yoga challenge (thanks TamTams!). I totally suck, but sucking at something is the first step to becoming kind of good at something.


Yesterday I worked 12 hours, came home, did yoga day #3, read a book and went to sleep. I’d planned and failed to wake up early but our houseguest was in the shower when I wanted to go so I figured ‘why not start the day with yoga’ and did #4! I was so happy I did it!

Whine about personal life warning. (I’d skip this and start commenting if I were you) Sadly right now I’m feeling a bit down. My coworker found a house with some friends. And although I’m super happy for him, it means I have no one to look for an apartment with anymore. Come september I’ll have to start looking for rooms and that sucks. I live in a really nice house right now, in a great neighborhood and I just won’t find that again. I did get a room offer not this week, but it’s in a much worse neighborhood and for much more money. I’d just kind of gotten my heart set on finding my own place (even if it’s shared) rather than moving into someone else’s house and feeling forever the guest. And I’ve been talking about my cat too much. A friend offered to take her in for a few months if I expected to find a place to live where I could bring her. And it’s a sweet offer but it just opens up old wounds because it just isn’t going to be happening. Boo. I don’t want to cry at work :(

So I’m going to focus on this challenge thing instead!

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