How many of these things apply to you? I went to college from 1989-1993. I put this under drafts and totally forgot about it. (this is a partially disguised picture of me @ 1994 with my cat friend as my stole)

1. I got my first email as a 2nd year student when a teacher at another school in our consortium told us to set up email accounts. it was 1990. I wasn’t even sure what email was.

4. There was a smoking section in the dining hall. And in the cafe. And just about everywhere until they started doing away with it around 1992. Fun fact, me and my best friend chain smoked and drank at the Plaza hotel the last night you could smoke in restaurants in NYC , aso in the 90s.

5. We chain smoked everywhere, including in our dorms. Our health services said our college had double the national average of smokers.


9 The first presidential election I could participate in was for Bill Clinton in 1993.

10. I never owned a computer in college. I just used the college computer lab.

14. We had a printed facebook when we entered each year. It was always one of our most exciting activities.


16. We contacted each other by calling each other from a public phone in the hall way of our dorm room. Sometimes we used payphones. Almost no one had their own phones or cell phones.

19. Making plans could be a crapshoot but I don’t really ever remember it being hard before having cell phones. I think that was the day you’d either call people or you’d show up where they lived.


21. We’d wander from party to party looking for people or run through the halls in the middle of the night, screaming and pranking.

22. I never knew how we found out about parties. There were just always these grapevines and people just showed up.


25. I still take notes in class by hand.

27. I once had a bunch of disks of my senior thesis become corrupted and it took me 12 hours to extract a copy of it, which was a relief because I didn’t want to have to type a copy from all the hard copies I made.


31. I owned several CD books

32. I still own some mixed tapes that one of my closest college friends used to make for me.


33. I had a mini-stereo system!

34. I thought people who played hackey sack obsessively were losers. SORRY!

37. You are so, so, SO thankful that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, Snapchat, Vine, texting, sexting, selfies, and everything else did not exist when you were in college. Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.