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Welcome To The Bitchery
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37 weeks ponderings

....if one more person says I’m about to pop.... I dunno. I just don’t fucking know. Can’t make any promises. Listen. I know they’re just trying to be nice and make conversation but. LEAVE ME ALONE.

Yo my organs have HAD IT with being squished. Done and done. Baby needs to be evicted, soon.


I have never had to pee so badly in my life... it is the most urgent feeling... then I get in there and barely go, like, what? I guess that’s what a nearly fully grown baby laying on your bladder will do.

My fingers are sausages and my ankles don’t exist. My boobs are..... huge.

I’m getting anxious about labor. Will I be able to cope? There’s so many things that can happen.... one minute I feel like yeah I can do this, I understand everything... and the next, I’m like I HAVE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE.


I have to leave sub plans for two weeks after I leave, which... fine. But like. If I do all these plans an then I’m late and have to do more plans? I’ll lose it.

One more thing. Everyone says later in pregnancy, you’ll have a harder time eating full meals cause reasons. Yeah... nope. I’m an eating machine.


Pass me a glass of chianti this lady is dunzo.

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