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3DS Chronus Arc A Must JRPG Buy While On Sale

Chronus Arc an old school SNES jrpg is on sale along with Aphadia another jrpg by the same company. The sale is $4.99 each. I played Kemco’s Justice Chronicles and loved it. Kemco’s Chronus Arc is even better. You, a princess and a singer who is looking for her father, try to find Chronus fragments to turn back time and fix things.

They are on sale on the 3ds eshop. Seriously check the Sales section each day. There are often good sales, this is though first Kemco sale.


Each dungeon, cave have places to harvest to bolster your character. The graphics are SNES quality which is AOK. Who didn’t love SNES RPGs, not Final Fantasy IV or VI quality though.

Each cave and dungeon contain puzzles all are either move blocks or pots to certain squares or kill all enemies in room. Puzzles are very basic so far. These are not Golden Sun complex or remote to complex.

Battle is old school, can be grindy at times, getting mana to get your change of job is expensive. Also the ring to double experience points is a must buy and that 75 mana. You get a mana for every five enemies you beat, essentially one every two battles.

I have thirty hours in and love it so far. I got it last Thursday night. I am well over halfway in.


Also for those who have played where is the Ancient Tower I grinded to get the key now I am looking for it.

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