I downloaded the demo for Conception II for the 3DS. I hate the map, the rooms look identical, why can't I save in the dungeon or escape to save? Argh. Not getting this. Oh the fighting on autobattle looks like DenpaMen fighting.

I truly suck at Pokemon BT. I am rather good at Match 3 games but I cannot figure out how to capture the hidden Pokemon. I am on Area 5. Each Area has 6 zones (z), the first four open when you complete the previous but zone 5 you must get all the pokemon in z1 to z4 and I have way too few that are hidden. You open up zone 6 by getting the grade of A in z1 to z5. Argh. Oh you open up areas by completing z1 to z4 in previous area, not that hard to do. I have 2 A grades, both in Area 1, which are zone 1 and zone 2.

Anyone have these games? BTW Dempa Men 2 is a fairly good RPG.