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3DS Conception II demo well thats just creepy

Conception II is on sale on the Nintendo eshop so it comes with a free demo. So before I buy it I am trying the demO. I love jrpgs. Well in this game to go into a Labrynth you must go to the Church to have a starchild. This is the creepy part your character (male) holds the hand of a female of your choice. Then there is an animation of her nude silhhuette floating on her back then voila a child ready to join you in battle. The labyrnth is so far pretty cookie cutter, animations of enemy kind of ok. This is from Atlus who gave us the wonderful Etrian Odyssey games and the Shin Megami Tensei games. I am not impressed so far.

I know there are 3ds owners anyone else tried this demo or played full game. To access the game easily. Go to the eshop, scroll down to Sales, Conception II is about fifth game in. Click on the game. At the top it says download demo. Click to download free demo.


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