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I downloaded the demo from the Nintendo 3ds eshop for free. Its three quests, a beginner, medium and expert. You can also play as a cat which is prowler mode.

Anyways like in Monster Hunter 4 I am using duel blades. I wish it would show how much more damage to inflict on the Giant Maccao or any other creature but does not. I tried four times. Kill the humungous beasts at start of level to get 4 medikits plus make sure you grab all the health items from the box at start of level.

The level gives one 25 minutes to kill the Giant Maccao. Beginner level. I tried three times and have no clue how close I am.


Anyone beat this level on solo mode? If not if you have your 3ds download it for free. Its a beautiful demo, the graphics are jaw dropping. Best I have seen on the 3ds.

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To play prowler, on the weapon select screen its in the bottom row. You will see Prowler. The cat in the picture is who you will play as.

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