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3DS Etrian Odyssey IV 145 hours done kinda

Well after 145 hours on EO4 I am done. Well more like tired of the game. I got the final boss in the postgame who is down in the third floor of the last maze down to his final form. This is such, such a must buy game.

My final characters were. I played on casual mode, still a near grind fest but less so then EO2 or 3 also gives you a better shot at making it to postgame.

Imperial level 99 kinda enhanced. Note do NOT retire your character prelevel 99.

Nightseeker/Bushi level 99 fully enhanced. I retired my NB at 99 then spent about 8 hours soloing his character to level 99 again. Best character. The Bushi is a subclass that has the skill of extra power.


Healer plain vanilla 99. Good healer.

Snipper/Runemaster great at offense and binding which is useful against last dragon in postgame. Also fully enhanced like the NB.

Runemaster/Snipper unenhanced but level 99. Powerhouse for spells. Snipper subclass allows use of the bow which is great for the back row.

I know a lot here have the 3DS the Nintendo eshop often has it for sale for download for 14.99. Or get a physical copy from Gamestop for 24.99 used which I did.


Etrian Odyssey series is a great rpg series. Very grindy though but map making is fun. Etrian Odyssey Untold story mode is best beginner game played on picnic mode. Still tough but less.grindy.

Anyone play this series.

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