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I know many here have a 3ds and Fire Emblem Fates is a major new release. Fire Emblem Awakenings was awesome.

Anyways there will be a change from the Japanese to the West version. The scene itself utterly makes no sense.

A female character is attracted to women but nervous around them.

A male character gives her, nonconsentually, a magic powder that will reverse the genders in her eyes.


Hold the presses. Stop. This utterly makes no sense.

A) What exactly.does this powder do. When she looks at a person who is male a second before she took to now seeing him as female. Does the drug make her see a “what would this male look like as female” and vice versa or something else.

B) Since she is attracted and nervous around women and you have let’s say prior to the drug group A of all.women and group B of all men. So prior to the powder she was attracted and nervous to Group A. Since she will now see Group A as male and Group B as female won’t she now be attracted and nervous around Group B? So how does this powder affect anything? It just seems she will just transfer her attractiveness and nervousness.

Also nonconsentual drugging who thought this was a good idea for a video game?

Anyone preorder the game? Which version. I want Birthright since it has free battles and let’s you grind. Conquest has no free battles except for download battles. I will play it in the nonpermanent death mode.


I am waiting for a sale.

Here is the article and statment.

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