The Nintendo eshop has a really good sale today and will last through next week. Three A plus games for under 20 dollars total.

1. Etrian Odyssey IV for $9.99 regular about 30 to 40 dollars if you get a physical copy. An easier EO game with lots of classes and customization. The third labyrnth is a pain with the torches but patience pays off. Finish this labyrnth and next two will seem like a piece of cake. Easily a 90 hour game. The post game dragons are really tough but doable. I suggest playing on easy mode and for map mode walls turned on.. Graphics are fantastic easily best of series. I do not have Etrian Odyssey Untold 2.

2. Mercenaries 2 on sale for $3.99 reminds one of Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem. Fantastic strategy game with customization, leveling and good graphics. First run through 22 hours second much longer since it gives extra battles. Amazingly inexpensive.

3. Adventure Bar Story a fun rpg where you explore, search items, defeat creatures, open new areas along with running a bar/restaurant where you combine food for recipes. Also $3.99 same creator as Mercenaries 2. About 15 hours.

I cannot recommend Etrian Odyssey IV more, the map making is so much fun and with walls automatic simpler. Its my fav 3ds game. Mercenaries 2 is up there also.


Puzzle games. I looooved Banana Bliss. Clever puzzles in which you have to think. About 350 puzzles. Its a game of love. A male money has to hunt and find hearts for his girlfriend. In each puzzle there are bananas that are hidden, just one bunch per level. Where it is is the question. I think that’s $3.99.

These are all on eshop which is on your 3ds main page, for those getting one on Christmas. Eshop cards are sold in lots of places, grocery stores, cvs, walgreens even, Gamestop, Target, Walmart etc.