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You may want to try the demo first in the 3ds eshop. I liked the demo so bought the game. Hey its by Gamefreak who makes Pokemon I have faith.

I downloaded the full game for $5.99. Its really fun and races are five to ten minutes. You are a wanna be jockey. You die and the angel sends you back to Earth to live out your dream as a jockey along with the only thing you like doing a simplified version of solitaire.

You can figure out the simplified solitaire game in 30 seconds. Playing solitaire builds energy for your horse and provides cards to enhance for the final stretch. After each hand of solitaire it takes you to the race screen where you have to draw a line where you want to go. After the last hand you are in home stretch where you have to manuever the horse to the finish line.


I have played about an hour and love it so far. I did read luck is involved later on. With any card game yes luck is definately involved but only a little bit. Although real horse racing does have both a little bit of luck and skill involved.

What’s the last eshop game you bought?

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