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Our 4th date will be our 3rd, and I will likely delete the peektures in the morning. Also, I will stop this nonsense if you are sick of it.

2nd date here:


We had planned to go kayaking together today, but I got my period Friday night while out with some girlfriends to see the “Amy” documentary. WHOLE other post about that :)

I called him last night to cancel (we’ve spoken on the phone every night since our first date) and I was so bummed. For the uninitiated, but gawd willing it’s in your future, menopausal periods are a blood bath. There was no way I could be that far away from a bathroom. He took the bloody news like a champ & understood completely.

I went to my workshop to do work (duh) today before it heats up again here in the North East tomorrow. He went kayaking.

Backstory: We both fish for fish. I also have crab traps & he has traps and nets. I KNOW! KRABBY CRABS, LIKE A CANNIBAL! So, our plan was to not only kayak, but to catch dinner.


May I present the catch Fourth of July Man (parking lot man) made alone:


80 Clams


30 Blue Crabs (Krabs)

So, we texted about Manhattan Clam Chowdah. I was volunteering to make it next week, but he cooks, and was already on it. Great minds think alike and save for a rainy day. Clam broth, too. All of it freezes well if the chowdah gods have to wait.


Cooked crabs, some of which will be hammered & picked by me on our new 3rd date:


We’ve become very close in many ways & I like him so, very much.

If you’ve gotten this far, I’m keeping him for the Zombie Apocalypse. We will never starve. I have other Apocalypse skills, for real, so I’m guessing he will want to keep me, too :)

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