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...and I’m already super annoyed! I found out yesterday that our friend was coming for dinner. Fine, whatever, he just forgot to text me. I’m making beef stew which was already going to be enough for many people, made some cookie dough last night, HV and I did a light tidy that I’m going to finish today.


HV’s job is putting dishes in the dishwasher. Always has been. I’ll do literally everything else, including the litter box, without complaint if it means I don’t have to do that. I reminded him twice last night to make sure he filled the dishwasher before heading to work. Guess what he didn’t do? Yuuuuup. So now handwashing dishes (with a burn on my hand, natch) is on my already long list. Thanks, HV!


To My Fellow Americans, I hope your Thanksgivings are less annoying than mine’s been so far. And if they’re not, I hope you can at least drink!

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